Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Go-to-Market Support

Joulé helps research-driven life sciences companies achieve both scientific and commercial success. Our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients operate at the forefront of scientific exploration, working on new delivery methods, technologies, and therapies.

Full Lifecycle Solutions

We supply talent to bring drugs and biologics to market more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Ensuring “real world” efficacy and value takes a proactive approach and a partner who understands every phase of discovery and development. We support:

  • Scientific research: Qualitative and quantitative analysis and assessment
  • Clinical development: Clinical laboratory support and regulatory experts
  • Engineering & manufacturing: Adherence to cGMP standards for consistent and repeatable results

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Staffing

We offer hands-on scientists and technicians, as well as experts in compliance, statistics, IT systems, equipment services, and beyond. Basically, our recruiters source candidates for any talent needed to execute your unique therapy and manufacturing processes.

Laboratory and Manufacturing Support

In addition, our equipment services team works in pharmaceutical labs and plants to ensure compliance with the standards and guidelines of the U.S. Pharmacopeia and National Formulary compendia. Services include calibration, maintenance, validation, and other resource management tasks.

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Strategy in Action

Joulé serves as the primary vendor supplying clinical and scientific staffing to a global life sciences enterprise.
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