Managed Staffing Programs

Contingent Workforce Strategies

Where Joulé truly excels is large-scale contingent workforce management. We design and deploy turnkey managed staffing programs (MSP) that address unique hiring challenges and workflows. Our MSP services introduce transparency and accountability into your contract hiring.

Working at the intersection of technology and human resources, Joulé leaves nothing to chance. Dedicated client teams provide complete program oversight, often as a vendor-on-premise, for every component:

  • Establishment of recruiting best practices
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Vendor management system (VMS) integration
  • Performance analytics and accountability

To enhance its MSP offering, Joulé offers a proprietary vendor management system (VMS) technology platform, Link2Consult. Of course, we can also help you evaluate and implement a wide range of VMS platforms.

Set yourself up for success

A well-executed MSP positively impacts time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and other key metrics. A typical rollout of Joulé’s technology-driven MSP solutions includes the following steps:

  1. Plan for success: Prioritize hiring needs and document skill sets, recruiting guidelines, and internal processes
  2. Select suppliers: Qualify and engage sources of qualified candidates
  3. Deploy technology: Centralize hiring activity with Joulé’s VMS or your existing platform
  4. Implement the program: Mobilize to identify and screen applicants and develop hiring manager protocols
  5. Streamline operations: Simplify your order delivery, fulfillment, timesheet management, invoice processing and payment procedures
  6. Manage results: Monitor results through metrics, customized activity, and performance reports
  7. Optimize performance: Constantly review and refine the managed staffing program for ongoing success

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