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Way back before STEM was a trend, Joulé established its roots in scientific and technical disciplines. We began life as an engineering services firm, but our business has evolved considerably to where it stands today:

  • A leader in specialized workforce solutions and integrated services
  • One of the top ten largest clinical and scientific staffing firms in the U.S.
  • An ISO-certified provider of laboratory and facility support
  • An advocate for scientific, clinical, and healthcare clients and candidates alike
  • An avid participant in the fight against COVID-19, sourcing over 150 scientists, manufacturing personnel, and clinical trial staff directly involved with the development of a COVID-19 vaccine and other modalities. Learn more in the below video.



A Cohesive Collection

With a single source multidisciplinary approach, Joulé helps life sciences and healthcare clients find talent, manage specialized equipment, and increase productivity. Our clients range from small and mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 firms specializing in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical device, food science, and healthcare services. Joulé is a System One division.

Joulé consists of multiple business lines working together for client success: scientific, clinical, and healthcare recruiting plus equipment services.

For more than 25 years, we’ve excelled in these specialized markets, and in recent years we have further narrowed the Joulé brand to exclusively represent these arenas. Joulé's services are backed by the considerable reach and resources of our parent company, System One.

National Reach with Local Expertise

Working at the intersection of business and science, we make it easier to recruit and deploy talent for ongoing work and on-demand projects in a host of disciplines. We’re still writing our story, but our future is built on a foundation of quality delivery and personalized service.

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