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Over our 30 year history, Joulé has connected thousands of scientific, clinical, and healthcare professionals with innovative companies. Because of our core commitment to quality, we like to say "Impacting lives. It’s in our DNA." and once you work with us, we think you’ll agree.

Highly Specialized, Highly Effective

Organized by professional specialties, each dedicated team brings extensive domain knowledge and hands-on experience to a wide range of client industries. The common denominator across all we do is exceptional talent. This refers not only to our own tenured staff, but also to the people who do amazing work for our clients every day.

Joulé’s work falls into two primary categories:

Tactical and Strategic Support

When you need immediate resources, we spring into action. But we also anticipate your future needs, working with you to analyze the talent market and develop candidate attraction strategies. From one critical hire to hundreds of contract employees, we can handle any hiring challenge. Our success depends on:

  • Building expertise in our local markets and client industries
  • Innovative use of recruiting tools and technology
  • Average tenure of 10+ years for our client engagement leaders
  • Going beyond the surface level to understand your business challenges
  • Thoroughly screening candidates to meet exact specifications

Take your business – or your career – to the next level with Joulé.

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