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Sensible Support for Food & Flavor Science

One of the few staffing providers who specializes in this arena, Joulé provides staffing and solutions for the multidisciplinary aspects of food and flavor science. We deliver people and processes to support our clients’ stringent quality and food safety standards.

Our clients include food-processing, ingredient supply, and agricultural research companies. Our consultants help ensure the food supply is safe, delicious, and accurately labeled.

Specialized Food & Flavor Talent

We recruit chemists and scientists for diverse engagements such as flavor compounding, contamination research, microbiological analysis, safety tests, and more. We’re always proactively recruiting talent in these sectors, so that we’re ready to move quickly to fill open positions.

  • Food Chemistry
  • Flavoring Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Nutritional Chemistry
  • Soil and Plant Chemistry
  • Food Microbiology
  • Animal Science
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Neuroscience
  • Product Development
  • Product Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Toxicology

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