Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Do Any of these Scenarios Sound Familiar?

Skyrocketing talent acquisition costs. Difficulty finding qualified talent. Poor employment brand. Overburdened HR department.

They’re all compelling reasons to consider a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) arrangement to improve the efficiency, speed, and quality of your company’s direct hiring efforts. Leveraging your internal tools and resources, Joulé helps you transform your talent acquisition function.

Adding Value across the Enterprise

In its most basic definition, RPO involves using an external organization to manage some or all of the activities associated with recruiting professionals for direct client employment. Acting as an extension of your company, Joulé takes on enterprise-wide hiring or targeted recruiting tasks, such as:

  • Ongoing recruiting needs across the enterprise
  • High-volume initiatives for similar positions
  • High-impact projects requiring rapid turnaround
  • New market or product launches
  • Diversity hiring initiatives

As a brand ambassador, we’ll represent you with professionalism and personality, whether you choose partial process or end-to-end RPO.

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