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A Go-to Source for Highly Skilled Professionals

Joulé currently serves as a primary technical staffing provider to an international developer, manufacturer, and distributor of high profile pharmaceuticals. For 25 years, we have served as a go-to source for highly skilled scientific, clinical, engineering, validation, and manufacturing professionals. In addition to staff augmentation and contingent workforce management, Joulé provides “on call” integrated equipment services.

Client Scenario

From developing new therapies to advocating for global health strategies, our client maintains rigorous hiring standards to support every stage of the pharmaceutical lifecycle. The company’s internal team struggled with both the resources and expertise necessary to source and screen highly technical talent and meet hiring manager qualifications. They also sought a partner with the depth of experience to operate a comprehensive contingent labor program.

Joulé Solution

As a lead technical staffing vendor, we provide staff augmentation on a contract and a contract-to-hire basis for scientific, clinical, and engineering positions across the U.S. The program has evolved in recent years to a global contingent labor program; however, the core focus of the engagement is domestic. On average, the assignment duration is 18-24 months, so these positions are highly sought-after and competitive.

Over the course of its 25 year partnership with the client, Joulé has reinforced its reputation as a national leader in specialized clinical, scientific, and technical recruiting by consistently providing high quality candidates. We offer a depth of technical contract staffing resources based on decades of targeted experience, backed by excellent service delivery and best practice processes.

As a prime example of our capacity, Joulé managed an onsite contingent labor program for one of the company’s $10+ billion legacy firms prior to its acquisition. To streamline and consolidate hiring for technical, administrative, and light industrial skill sets, Joulé implemented a strategic approach to address the company’s high-volume hiring needs. Over the last 10 years of the program, Joulé placed more than 5,500 candidates, filling 98.4% of open orders and rolling out a comprehensive pre-employment program. More than 2,000 individuals converted to regular full-time employees, with a 100% temp-to-perm acceptance ratio.

In addition to staffing, Joulé provides equipment services on demand to calibrate, maintain, and validate a wide range of analytical laboratory equipment and instrumentation. Holding ISO-9001 and ISO-17025 accreditations, Joulé maintains a deep talent pool of technicians and quality experts to ensure safety, accuracy, and regulatory compliance.

Client Benefits

Joulé attributes its consistently positive results to a keen understanding of the client’s technical requirements and culture. According to the client’s Head of Global Contingent Labor, “Based on their outstanding performance and extensive capabilities, we selected Joulé to be our provider of Scientific, Engineering, and Clinical Research personnel.”

We receive high rankings on our metrics for new requirements, including candidate relevancy; timeliness of response with candidates; number of candidates submitted; and competitive billing rates. An additional value proposition is our ability to save the client time, which allows front line managers to focus on their core deliverables while we source qualified candidates.

Because we have the capacity to quickly ramp up recruiting efforts and equipment services, the client has increased its agility and productivity. In addition to gaining efficiency, we have also delivered significant annual savings by assuming administrative burden and implementing consistent rate structures.

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From developing new therapies to advocating for global health strategies, our client maintains rigorous hiring standards to support every stage of the pharmaceutical lifecycle.